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Annuity Myths & Facts

Myth: Once you buy an annuity, you can't move it without paying taxes.

Fact: Federal Tax rules allow you to move your annuity without paying taxes through IRA rollovers and 1035 exchanges. However, surrender charges may apply

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We at Annuity Masters take great pride in shopping out you Savings Account and/or Income Producing Annuity Quote. We only use AM Best rated "A", "A+" and "A++" insurance companies that we feel provide safety and value. As we are brokers, most any company that we find that offers safety and value, we can use for your quote! Annuity Masters has business relationships with many national annuity outlets which allow us to thoroughly evaluate the market for you.

When shopping out your quote for an Income Producing Annuity, Annuity Masters uses even more stringent guidelines. Here, we narrow our choices to only AM Best "A+" and A++" rated companies that have a Comdex rating of 90 and above.

What is a Comdex rating and why is this important? A Comdex rating is a percentile so if a company scores a 90, this means that only 10% of all other insurance companies are better and stronger. If we look at a 90 in terms of school grades, this means the insurance company has scored an "A". Comdex scores help us to compare apples to apples as all of the other rating systems such as AM Best, Moodys, S&P and Fitch have different criteria of measuring the strength of insurance companies.

No matter if it is a Savings Account Annuity or an Income Producing Annuity; you can count on Annuity Masters to thoroughly research and clearly explain your options to you. We do not use pressure tactics, rather we prefer to educate consumers on their options. You can also be assured that when we select a product for you, we never worry about how much we make on the deal. The most important part is that we find the best product for your situation and needs. Using these principals has allowed Annuity Masters to help thousands of happy clients.